Service of Carols, Lessons, and Prayers

December 10th, 2012
Image ├é┬ęSewanee: The University of the South via Flickr

A Service of Carols, Lessons, and Prayers is traditional for some churches, in others it can be an additional service to your planned worship times or added with some adaptations. For those who have visiting family members it is a service that features many traditional Christmas Carols that people know and have sung over the years. It's a good service to promote in your community as an outreach effort.

Use the Service as is or if you are in a more contemporary setting you may easily adapt the service for different instruments and your worship space. You might consider using a manger scene and other props or decorations especially if you find yourselves worshiping in a gym or theatre. The Responsive Readings and Prayers can be added to background stills and projected rather than printing off a program (bulletin). For the scripture reading you might also consider projection so that those unfamiliar with the story can read along. Choose an easy-to-read translation like the CEB. If you print a bulletin and have pew Bibles include the page numbers for the scriptures.

Make the service your own! You might find that this is one of your most popular worship experiences during Advent.

For other Advent worship planning helps:

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