America's Sunday Supper

December 18th, 2012

Over the last few years, tens of thousands have come home from war … bearing wounds both visible and invisible, facing unemployment, housing, and other domestic issues.

Rethink Church invites you to participate in raising awareness and support for veterans and military families as part of a national campaign called “America’s Sunday Supper” which takes place throughout January, and which honors the Martin Luther King Day of Service (Jan. 21, 2013). Raise awareness by screening a free movie and discussing the needs of troops transitioning back into society. Raise support by engaging your local community in a service project for those who've served. There are many ways to get involved in rebuilding the ruins left by war.

Sign up for free resources, including videos to guide your local church in understanding recent conflicts and needs; a guide to host a free movie screening and discussion; ideas for service projects; promotional graphics and more. Go to America's Sunday Supper or email for details.

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