Jesus on Sin

February 26th, 2013

Sin is serious. Jesus treats it like a disease. We should too. When a group of friends brought a paralyzed man to Jesus to be healed, Jesus deemed the man’s sin condition as being the priority to fix. Is that how we treat sin in today’s world? Now we can go to extremes and be harder on ourselves than God is when it comes to sin. Martin Luther before he really understood God’s grace and forgiveness tried to beat the sin out of himself. He did not succeed. Check out this free Bible study on Matthew 9:2-7.

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Small Group Questions

  • How do you define “sin”?
  • Do you believe that this is serious, yes or no? Explain your answer.
  • Imagine yourself as the paralyzed man. How would you feel if Jesus had just forgave your sins and not healed your legs? Would you have been okay with it? Why?
  • Martin Luther went on to be a major figure in History, but for many years, he was trapped by his own misunderstanding God’s forgiveness and grace. Are you harder on yourself than God is?
  • Sin is a terminal disease we all have. Faith in Jesus is the only cure. Can you explain how that works?


  • Acknowledge your sin. Repent of your sin. Allow God to give you the strength to be free from it. Accept God’s grace and forgiveness in your life.
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