Why VBS Is Important for Your Church

May 9th, 2013
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VBS has been around for years however many churches have changed where, when, and how it is offered. Maybe VBS is in your job description or you’ve been asked to direct it, regardless of how you've gotten involved—VBS is still one of the best outreach ministries for your church! Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why VBS is still important and relevant today.

7 reasons why VBS is important to the life of your church and mine:

  1. Reach families for Jesus Christ-obviously you’ll have children’s activities, offer youth and adult studies too! Make sure your church leadership sees VBS as an outreach program not just for kids. Plan to have Bibles available for people to pick up and take home.
  2. Invite new families-who don't have a church home to visit during VBS. Plan some activities during VBS so families meet each other like a cookout, or an ice cream party. Any activity where families can come and meet new people.
  3. Use untapped spiritual gifts-if you’ve encouraged people to take a spiritual gifts inventory some may need places to serve. Make sure to communicate where different gifts are needed during VBS and the time commitment involved.
  4. Find future teachers-volunteers might have so much fun with the age level they teach, they may volunteer to continue with their group after VBS.
  5. Short term service-VBS is an opportunity for busy volunteers to serve. Make sure you have easy ways for people to come help, even if they don’t have a lot time. People want to be involved, schedule times when people can come help organize supplies and get crafts ready. They might not be able to come for a work day, but they might have 3 hours after worship.
  6. Spiritual growth-after VBS most of your volunteers will be physically tired but spiritually refreshed. Plan devotions and prayer time during planning sessions, but also consider starting a small group Bible study to begin after VBS so new friendships can continue to grow.
  7. Your reason here-you’ve no doubt thought of a reason that is particular to your setting. If your leadership would hear it better coming from another source, tell them we said it. Then after VBS is a huge success show them this article and this reason. 

Plan for success

Pray, then pray more!

Practice good stewardship, create a budget for purchases and a realistic list of volunteers needed to implement the program.

VBS can be spiritually rich without being financially draining! Tap into volunteers who are creative financially and artistically. When you get caught up in perfection, remember it’s all about the kids!

Plan a schedule that works for your setting, and be flexible. Be realistic about what your church can do this year. Use your Director’s Guide to plan the where, the when, and the how—including deciding whether you'll offer an 8-hour VBS or traditional 5 days!

Your church still has time to plan VBS, it could be your best outreach event this year!

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