When Life is Overwhelming

June 6th, 2013

Moses and the people of God were on a journey, both physically and spiritually, just like we are today. They were challenged with crisis. They struggled with transition and change. We know what that’s like; we're right there with Moses and the people.

Read Numbers 11:11-15

Maybe you’ve had a conversation with God, like Moses had; “Just kill me now, Lord! This is too much!” Maybe you, like the people, have found yourself complaining about a life circumstance. You’re on the edge. From your perspective, God is not solving the problem. You feel like you are on the verge of a meltdown.

Whatever the source of your meltdown, whether it be fear or frustration, sadness and sorrow, or complete life exhaustion, it is important to identify it. Where is it coming from: a loss, an injustice, a health issue, a financial concern, a relationship break, a temptation of sin, a trial of something unmentionable? Or do you feel like you are living the life of Job and it is numerous things that are piling up inside you?

One thing you must do: TALK HONESTLY WITH GOD.

Moses did. We see that here, and we can learn from him. Moses expressed his emotions unhindered. He told God what was going on, how he felt about what was going on, and he did the unthinkable: He questioned God’s motivation and power.

See God can “take it.” His Spirit can shoulder our burdens and our questions. But, we have to give them over to Him. Bottling up our doubts and hurts within ourselves will not accomplish anything. God wants to hear our hearts and He wants to heal our hearts. He may not “fix things” the way we think he should (as the story of Moses goes), but He will act out of his infinite wisdom, love and power. We can trust Him.

For Reflection and Conversation

  1. What do you notice in your own life that is a red flag that you are experiencing a meltdown? How do you know when you’ve hit the life is overwhelming point? And what has helped you get more balanced in the past?
  2. How does doubt play into a meltdown? Can you think of any other thoughts that contribute to a meltdown?
  3. Prayer and Bible reading are ways to experience the Holy Spirit running through our hearts and soul, “cooling us down.” What other ways have you experienced the Holy Spirit in your life?
  4. What does the “people of God speaking in your life” mean to you? Who is speaking into your life? And whose life are you speaking into?
  5. Do you believe that God loves you and has your best interest at heart? Do your actions testify to that belief?

Going Deeper

I encourage you to read Psalm 13, 18, 22. The Psalmist cries out like Moses did—talking honestly with God about his circumstances and declaring God’s goodness and power. Today you may have a psalm: an honest heart cry uniquely your own and a desire for healing. I encourage you to write it.

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