Jesus Describes Heaven and Hell

July 2nd, 2013

Jesus spoke about Heaven and Hell frequently. Despite the regularity of the subject, Jesus spoke about these future realities in the form of parables. In Matthew 25 Jesus describes Heaven and Hell like bridesmaids waiting on the groom, servants being entrusted with money, and goats and sheep being separated. Sort through some of these parables in this free Bible study on Matthew 25.

Small Group Questions

  1. Describe what you imagine heaven and hell to be like.
  2. Why do you think Jesus uses parables to describe heaven and hell instead of just telling us what they are like?
  3. In the first parable, the point of the story is to be ready for the return of the groom. In what way are you preparing for the return of Jesus?
  4. The second parable is about making wise use of the gift God has given you. How are you investing what God has done in you into other people? 
  5. When Jesus tells us about the future judgment, both groups of people thought they were safe, but Jesus claims not to know those people who turned a blind eye to the needy. How is following Christ connected with living the way Christ lived?

Question of the Day

Are you a sheep or a goat?

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