Trevor Hudson: Pastor Teacher

July 15th, 2013

Trevor Hudson has been part of the Methodist movement for over thirty years and is one of God's blessings to the larger Christian church. Serving primarily around Johannesburg, South Africa, Hudson is deeply committed to the work and ministry of the local congregation. He believes strongly that for something to be real, it must always be local.

Currently, Hudson is part of the pastoral team at Northfield Methodist Church in Benoni. His leadership has been shaped in the crucible of the South African experience. In the post-apartheid era, he has been a leading voice in reconciliation and restoration in the Christian community. Hudson travels internationally and leads conferences, retreats, and workshops in a number of diverse settings and is a regular keynote speaker at The Upper Room's SOULfeast conferences.

You've written several books on recovery. In your new book, Holy Spirit Here and Now, you discuss the work and power of the Holy Spirit. In what way has your own understanding of the transformative power of the Holy Spirit changed or grown?

Trevor Hudson: The work of the Holy Spirit goes way beyond that of recovery. In this book I wanted to highlight those other aspects of the work of the Spirit—bringing us alive to God, drawing us into community, guiding us in our decision making, engaging us with suffering, and so on. In all these respects, and many more, the Holy Spirit is transforming our lives.

As a minister and pastoral therapist, what do you feel is the biggest challenge people face in allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their lives?

I believe that fear is one of the biggest blocks to opening our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit. Many of us struggle to believe that God is really for us. So when things go wrong, we have this default position that God is against us.

If this is our operating picture of God, we will be hesitant to open ourselves to the work of the Spirit in our lives. Deep down we will be afraid of the Spirit.

How has your own prayer life deepened as you've become more open to the Holy Spirit?

I am learning to relax a little more in prayer. I don't need to always be in control of what is taking place. I can be open to what the Spirit wants in this moment. And the wonderful thing I can trust is that the Holy Spirit is always praying within my heart. I am never prayerless!

How have you seen the Holy Spirit deepen relationships between people?

I think one of the ways the Spirit deepens relationships is by growing awareness in us of the sacredness of other persons. This leads us into a much greater responsiveness to those around us.

And where have you seen the Spirit's work through reconciliation and restoration in South Africa?

The Holy Spirit is the Great Includer, always at work widening our little circles to include those we exclude. Wherever I witness this happening in South Africa, I know the Spirit of Christ is powerfully at work. Also when I see people who have been painfully hurt extend friendship and forgiveness to those who hurt them, this for me is a miracle of the Spirit.

You often tweet a Night Prayer (Twitter: @trevor040451). What have you learned about prayer and yourself as a result of this practice?

Three of my most obvious learnings about prayer are:

  1. The most unlikely people retweet prayers.
  2. Prayer builds community.
  3. The connections between those who pray and prayers don't need to be long to be meaningful.

Personally, I have found tweeting a prayer at the end of each day a wonderful daily practice that helps me stop, listen to my heart, and offer what is deepest on my heart to God.

As a busy minister, author, and international speaker, how do you practice sabbath?

I confess that I have not done well with this practice. I take off work every Monday. I have breakfast on my own, sometimes spend time in more leisurely prayer, and then spend the rest of the day doing some writing. Writing for me is a very creative and life-giving activity. Usually I cook supper for whoever is around and read in the evening.

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