Living the Good News (curriculum)

August 4th, 2013

Have you been looking for a way to link readings used in worship with what is studied in your education program?

Living the Good News is an online lectionary-based Christian education program that includes eight age levels Nursery through Adult and a option for Multi-Age level to tailor learning experiences with  complete materials for teachers, students and families. Arts enhanced to appeal to the learning styles of all ages and types of students. Online so it's more affordable, flexible and effective. 

Read more about Living the Good News on the links below or if you have questions about subscribing email Customer Service.

Links for more information:

Lectionary-Based Faith Formation

Linking the Lectionary and Church Seasons

View a 12 minute video introduction

Churches have found Living the Good News invaluable to their education ministries since the company was founded thiry years ago. The materials found in Living the Good News are relevant, educational, Bible-based, easy-to-use, theologically sound and, of course fun!

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