Society of St. Andrew: National Hunger Action Month

August 26th, 2013

September has been set aside as an opportunity to lift up more than 40 million brothers and sisters that go hungry every day in the United States, with the hope that each one of us will pray and work for an end to this injustice. You will find on this page links to a number of ready-made resources you can download for free, make copies, and use during your worship service.

In addition, you will find a prayer calendar developed by the Society of St. Andrew. This prayer calendar provides an opportunity for each person in your congregation to pray, learn, fast, and discover ways to be engaged in activities that will personally benefit our hungry brothers and sisters.

To help you get started in planning your Hunger Action Sunday, you will find below a number of scripture texts that relate to hunger, poverty, and justice. Please call Lynette Johnson, Director of Church Relations at the Society of St. Andrew at 205-245-3215, if you have any questions. Also, information about ordering coin banks is listed, if you find them helpful.

U.S. hunger facts:

Feeding America®:Hunger & Poverty Statistics
World Hunger Education Service: Hunger in America 2013
USDA ERS: Food Security in the U.S.

World hunger facts:

The Hunger Project: Know Your World-Facts About Hunger and Poverty
Bread for the World: Hunger Report
World Hunger Education Service: 2013 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics

Additional resources:

Society of St. Andrew prayer calendar

Worship aids:

Invitation letter
Dramatic reading
10 Steps to End Hunger
St. Andrew Club bulletin insert
Feed My Sheep art
Litany bulletin inserts
Bible study, "The Fast I Choose"
Society of St. Andrew coin banks

Reposted by permission of the Society of St. Andrew, visit their website to learn more about the organization, getting involved, food programs, and more. Take the U.S.Hunger Quiz or the World Hunger Quiz to test your knowledge. Like SoSa on facebook.

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