Flashback Friday: September Gets Personal

September 27th, 2013

Some of September's most read, most shared, and most commented-on articles were those addressing questions closest to the hearts of pastors.

Why do I feel this way?

Tom Bandy addressed the cycles of frustration, depression, anger, and victimization that plague pastors, and so many readers responded with their own stories. You are not alone!

Am I comfortable sharing my faith?

Shane Raynor proposed five reasons people have trouble sharing their faith, and those barriers can apply to clergy as much as to laypeople. We may need to take a close look at the condition of our hearts and the preparedness of our minds and words.

Does what I do matter?

Matt Kelley countered the frustation many clergy feel with being treated like spiritual props in the special events of otherwise unspiritual people's lives. It's frustrating, but there is an upside to being a prop.

Am I the only one doing anything around here?

Tom Bandy hit another home run with his theories on why churches can't get and keep volunteers. People want to do something meaningful, and the church often doesn't make it feel that way.

What do I wear on Sunday?

(Ok, this one isn't quite as deep, but technically, you do wear your clothes close to your heart.) Joseph Yoo raised the touchy subject of what clergy should wear to lead worship. Set apart in a robe and stole or mirroring the congregation with a suit, dress, or jeans? And who are we really dressing to please?

Then there was this outlier by Chris Momany, not about the pastor's inner life . . . though things did get a bit personal in the comments.

If Momany's article about the world's money gap had been about stewardship and the widening gap between budgets and offerings, it might have been just as popular, that being something every pastor can relate to. But the buzz around this article concerning the widening gap between rich and poor more likely stems from its use of the S-word, socialism. Even in trying to rebut that accusation from the start, Momany still riled up readers with the challenge to reassess our economics in light of our morality.

What caught your eye this week? It's not too late to weigh in on these articles in their comments or on Facebook.

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