Communal Prayer for Advent 4 Mt. 1:18-25)

November 27th, 2013

God, we know the story of Christmas comes alive as it intersects with our own stories. This morning we pray for the faith of Joseph. In the middle of making his own plans he recognized Your voice and presence in the form of an angel that came to him in a dream. Not only did he recognize You but he let go of his plans and obeyed Yours.

You are still speaking. We are still planning. Open the eyes of our hearts and quiet our minds from time to time.

We pause in silence, taking a break from our own plans to consent to Your plans, to create space and a readiness within us for Your voice and presence.

(~30 seconds of silence)

Continue to give us grace to prepare a way for You in our hearts, our community and our world. Whether You speak or return when we are awake or asleep, come Lord Jesus, Amen.

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