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January 27th, 2014
This article is featured in the Stuck: Now What? (Feb/Mar/Apr2014) issue of Circuit Rider

Denominations grow when people flock to congregations. Conferences grow when people collaborate with congregations in mission and ministry to spread scriptural holiness through their communities and across the world. This simple principle of focusing on the congregation is self-evident, but we United Methodists tend to diffuse our primary purpose.

The frustrating efforts of the 2012 General Conference didn’t bring about a significant change in systems or culture or expected results desired for the denomination. So effective leaders winced and went back to work at transforming their particular settings. Some are planting or rebuilding congregations one at a time. Some are finding ways to serve the people outside the walls but within their reach, even though their congregation is very small.

In this issue of Circuit Rider, we feature effective reformers from two annual conferences.

Robert Schnase from the Missouri Conference weighs in with an evaluation of our UMC conference practices from his book, Seven Levers: Missional Strategies for Conferences. Every decision maker and leader in a conference will want to study the seven levers and think systemically about change.

Bob Farr from the Missouri Conference follows with an analysis of what causes our ministries and systems to get stuck, and what to do next with a Healthy Church Initiative.

Joseph Daniels from the Baltimore-Washington Conference demonstrates through personal example how leaders, including supervisors, can get directly involved in neighborhood ministries. Joe walks his streets because the community is the congregation.

Christie Latona from the Baltimore-Washington Conference articulates the principles and practices of multiplication for discipling ministries.

Will we excel at multiplying disciples and congregations? Let’s work first and always on that together.

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