Spiritual Disciplines You Have Time For: Personal Reflection

February 12th, 2014

The spiritual discipline of personal reflection, when practiced well, takes time. However, would you agree that a little time for this discipline is better than no time at all?

Considering how you are wired and looking at your daily routine, when is a good time to take two-five minutes for personal reflection? Morning? Mid-Day? Nighttime?

Are you prone to too much self-examination, or not enough?

Is there anything standing in your way to celebrate “wins” in your life? Do you need to push past false humility? Do you need to give yourself permission to be happy about what God is doing in and through you?

Celebrating wins and self-examination are two elements of personal reflection. What else might be included? (things you're learning, losses you're grieving, blessings you've received, etc.)

Watch the entire video series here.

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