Living for Resurrection

April 2nd, 2014
Image courtesy ABC/Disney Media Distribution

Last month ABC TV premiered the new drama Resurrection. The pilot episode introduced an eight-year-old boy who wakes up in a rice patty in China and is eventually reunited with his parents at his home in Missouri. The problem is that the boy had drowned thirty-two years prior and no one (other than his mother) is prepared to accept his return. While the boy is left to question whether he died and is dead, his father is forced to reveal an old family secret, and his best boyhood friend turned local pastor questions whether he truly believes in miracles. Each episode features a new character who has come back from the dead and the struggles of his or her loved ones to understand what has happened.


Popular TV shows and movies like Resurrection often use religious terms far outside of the Christian context. The new ABC series uses the term resurrection instead of walking dead (which would be more accurate). Resurrection is not simply coming back to life—into one’s old body and a random time continuum. Resurrection means to be raised with Christ into a new spiritual body for eternal life.

The problem is that many people, especially non-believers, may not know the difference. Even worse, believers may be lulled by the “entertainment” into thinking popular shows have merit because they use “religious” terms.

Getting Clear

As Christians we are supposed to know what the Bible teaches. But do we know what resurrection truly is? Do we understand the Old and New Testament stories of people being raised from the dead and how those are different from Jesus’ resurrection? Regardless of media depictions of resurrection, Christians know that the resurrection of Christ was the greatest gift ever given and that our response is to live a holy life that will be worthy of our own resurrection through Christ.

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