Top 10 Things Modern-Day Parents Look for in a Church

April 23rd, 2014
  1. A place that is safe and has safe people
  2. A church where programming is coordinated and of quality
  3. A facility that is attractive and has organized children’s rooms
  4. An environment where teachers have been trained
  5. A church that has unconditional love for children and there are no judgments about how parents are raising their children
  6. A church that provides biblical principles of parenting to help its members parent in today’s world
  7. Nurseries that will make sure babies have dry diapers and are fed on schedule
  8. Children’s programs that teach children spiritual lessons (they don’t want babysitting)
  9. A place where they can find mentorship programs for troubled youth
  10. A church that teaches the gospel and biblical principles

When I was researching this chapter, I put a note on my Facebook page asking people what they thought modern day families were looking for in a church. Following are just a few of the typical responses. I pray you will learn as much from their answers as I did .

Person 1: "Less shows and productions and more from the word of God!"
Person 2: "A happy face from church workers and members . . . because sometimes it’s the only one you may see."
Person 3: "I think having a church family that reaches out. One that holds activities for the whole family to be involved in and encourages its members. When you feel part of something, you want to stay part of it. Sure, we all want to hear the word of God and the message from each sermon. But being part of more than that brings you closer and keeps you wanting more from the church you attend. Also having church members that reach out and really show others the love of God. At least that is my take on it."
Person 4: "One that’s led by the Holy Spirit."
Person 5: "I think with the explosion of technology that we are losing the human touch. We don’t notice when people don’t show up nor act like we care. I know this is not the only reason to be at church but it makes a huge impact!!!"
Person 6: "I want a place where we can all feel connected with the services of the church. My son likes to ask questions . . . lots of questions. An environment of sit-and-listen is not conducive to him. Just because he’s eight doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to serve. He wants the opportunity sing in church, lead prayer, and ask questions like the rest of us. His father and I like a place that he is allowed to grow in the Spirit and not feel confined."
Person 7: "Been thinking further on this. I believe the question should be, What do modern-day families need in a church? What do leaders need to do to bring them to the place where they will want what they need? In studying the Old Testament we see that when the leaders were strong the people were strong, when the leaders were weak the people were weak."
Person 8: "I still believe that a church must be a part of the community, not just be there for the congregation. Charity is where you begin to grow your family. It does not matter how big or small the task might be, a community sees what you’re trying to accomplish and more will come because they see the good."
Person 9: "Trust in leadership, a congregation that loves and prays and really gets to know the needs of the people. Church shouldn’t be a social club for those who have been there a long time while newer members (or attendees) are left to continue to almost be strangers and to deal with our needs by ourselves. If we truly believe that church is a gathering place of sinners who are making efforts to become more like Jesus (rather than a place where only perfect, pious people come to feel even better about themselves), then we all have an obligation to help each other. That responsibility is ours, but must start at the top with strong and COMPASSIONATE leadership."
Person 10: "Sad to say but, a large part of what they want is entertainment! They also want good loving care for their young children."
Person 11: "We changed to a different denomination about four years ago. Just the other night at a choir party, we discussed just this thing. What seemed to be expressed the most was the fact our church welcomes all, no judging. I have never felt so at home in a church. It is not unusual to see homeless people wander in and they are welcomed with open arms."
Person 12: "Unconditional Love. Resources. Mentorship."
Person 13: "Biblical teachings, servant’s attitude, harmony among church family and active members, would be four on the top of my list."
Person 14: "Church family and unity in worship."
Person 15: "A place to be connected spiritually and physically. A place where I feel wanted and/or useful by being invited to volunteer."

excerpted from: Attract Families to Your Church and Keep Them Coming Back by Linda Ranson Jacobs Copyright©2014 by Abingdon Press. Used with permission.

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