A Strong Foundation

April 30th, 2014

I have been privileged to be part of building three homes. Each time we built one, my husband Dave wanted to go by everyday and observe the progress. I could have cared less. Just call me when it's finished! But, I did end up seeing the phases and I have to say my favorite day was the day they laid the foundation. That meant things were getting started and moving forward!

Of course, building a home is a process and it all starts with the foundation. Before any construction can begin, a home site has to be surveyed and staked to establish the basic footprint. Then excavation takes place. Footings are poured as concrete pathways that help to spread the weight of the home from the foundation walls to the surrounding soil. Plumbing lines and drainage are set in place. There are beam pockets, waterproofing seals, and slabs, with backfill completing the process.

When I was reading about this, I discovered a basic element of building a foundation that I had never heard of before:

Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are embedded at pre-determined points along the top of foundation walls. They are used to secure the framing to the foundation.

So I got to thinking…

The Bible talks about an “anchor.” It is called HOPE. (Hebrews 6:18–19)

I always imagined the “anchor of hope” as something I needed for my life as if I were a boat on a stormy sea, and it was up to me to throw it into the water when I needed certainty and stability. But this made me think a little deeper. As much as the Bible says about HOPE, it is easy to see that it is more than just something for emergency situations. The anchor of hope is actually embedded into my foundation in Christ, always and every moment. Hope is fixed in the foundation of my faith from the very beginning!

I am mindful that hope matters. Hope is not a feeling or vague sentiment; it is a crucial element holding everything together. Like an “anchor bolt.”

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