When I was your age

For the most part, everybody always wants to be just ahead of where they are in life. Someone ahead of us in age, capability, or accomplishment catches our eye and we want to be like him or her. This isn’t always, or even usually, a jealousy thing. Very often it’s simply motivation for us. We want to be older. Better. We also want those same people to affirm our success when we get there, which presents its own set of issues.

Moving Through Life

The problem is that when our goal-setting hinges on the satisfaction that we think we’ll feel when we’ve achieved the high ground of those around us, we’re moving through life without a complete perspective. We don’t know the sorrows and losses of the people we’re chasing. More importantly, any part of us that needs a pat on the back when we “arrive” will quickly discover that, when we hit our goal, our targets have been moved: Those people are now older, more capable, and more accomplished. How can we ever catch up?

It is good to set goals, but setting goals to impress others generally ends in dissatisfaction. If we can’t be satisfied by our own journey, regardless of the opinion of others, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. As Christians, if we move our goals outside of our relationship with God, we’re setting ourselves up for an unfulfilling life.

Moving Toward God

Culturally speaking it’s a difficult task to refocus our lives on God if our attention has wandered elsewhere. This is true at any age, but particularly as a youth when the influencing voices seem to be shouting from all corners.

Coaches, teachers, band directors, parents, colleges, and even at times the church can seem to demand more than one person can possibly give. But if we want to find peace and true fulfillment in life, we have to begin to move ourselves in a God-focused direction.

Question of the Day: What major achievement are you looking forward to next?

Talk Topic Scriptures: Exodus 4:1-15; Judges 6:33-40; Matthew 19:16-22; 1 Timothy 4:12-16

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