Checking, decking, and dashing

We check lists, deck halls, and dash through snow to make Christmas happen. What if long lists, crowded stores and hectic plans didn't define Christmas? Let's RETHINK this time of year by focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. Here's a brief overview of the four week series including Christmas Eve.

Week 1 –November 30 
Title: “Checking to Find Peace”
Scripture: Psalm 80:1-7; 17-19 
Video/Theme: When did Christmas get so complicated? We are so busy making lists and checking them twice, decking the halls, and dashing through the snow. What if we begin to check our lists in different ways to restore peace in our lives over the Advent season? Instead of asking for restoration at the end of Christmas, we could start with a listing filled with items that give us peace. Read more

Week 2 – December 7 
Title: “Decking with Love”
Scripture: Mark 1:1-8
Video/Theme: What if we Rethink what we are celebrating? Tis the season to be overwhelmed, and the reason for the season can get lost in the shuffle. John the Baptist’s role was to prepare the way for Christ. Just as we deck our halls by decorating our homes for the holidays, we deck our lives with the true meaning of Christmas. By showing love, we counter the “bah humbug” attitude we could easily fall into this time of year. Read more

Week 3 – December 14 
Title: “Dashing to Spread Joy”
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24
Video/Theme: The message of Christmas is so great that we cannot just keep it to ourselves. It is up to us to share the greatest gift of all. Hospitality is a gift we all can give, and we can wrap the invitation in joy to deliver to all we meet. We dash around to so many places during the holidays, but maybe we should dash with a specific purpose. The purpose this week is to dash off an invitation for people to be a part of the greatest gift of all. By sharing stories of community, we invite people to explore the joy that comes with being part of a place that welcomes. Read more

Week 4 – December 21 
Title: “Dashing to Others with Hope”
Scripture: Luke 1:47-55
Video/Theme: Christmas can become a time when we are concerned only about receiving, but giving is where we find the true meaning of season. When we see the needs that exist in our communities, we should be moved to dash to others with a message of hope. Mary was an agent of change who understood what it meant to give to others. We can be agents of change, by infusing a little more hope into this world.
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Christmas Eve 
Title: "Finding the True Meaning of Christmas"
Scripture: Luke 2:1-20
Video/Theme: Four weeks have been spent on a journey to find the true meaning of Christmas. This is the night we celebrate and welcome in visitors to share the gift of Christ together.
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Advent is the time to remind people to cut through the holiday chaos and simplify Christmas. These Advent sermon starters explore how we can check our lives with peace, deck our halls with love, and dash to others with message of joy and hope.

Rethink Church has developed several resources to be used with this starter to welcome people in your community and find ways to unwrap the greatest gift of all.  A thirty second video will be available that will compliment our United Methodist Church national advertising running during the holiday season. Additional resources here!

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