Read ‘Revival’ with us

August 18th, 2014

Calling all Wesley “enthusiasts.”

We're reading through Adam Hamilton’s “Revival: Faith as Wesley Lived It” on Ministry Matters. If you’d like to read it with us, pick up a copy and join the discussion!

Clifton Stringer will be blogging about topics from the book. There are six chapters in the book, and we’ll be covering one chapter every two weeks.

Here’s the reading schedule:

1. Precursors to Revival (Epworth): Monday August 25
    Susanna Wesley, Adam Hamilton and our kids 
2. Longing for Holiness (Oxford): Monday September 8
John Wesley's rule of life
3. Crisis of Faith (Georgia & Aldersgate): Monday September 22
The grace of storm chasing
4. The Necessity of Grace (Bristol): Monday October 6
Wesley's impolite enthusiasm for the name
5. Works of Mercy (The Foundry): Monday October 20 
Wesley's both/and Sripture way of salvation
6. Persevering to the End (City Road Chapel): Monday November 3
   John Wesley, Saint Francis and street preaching

New content for the book group will generally post on Mondays and/or Tuesdays and will be featured in our weekly email update. (Sign up here if you aren't currently receiving it.) We'll also post everything on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

If you blog about “Revival,” be sure to send me links to your blog posts. And if you tweet about a topic from the book, use hashtag #revivalbook, or tag us @ministrymatters.

I'm looking forward to the conversations!

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