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August 28th, 2014

Life Without Memory

We all know the struggle and pain of people who live with Alzheimer’s. They lose their short-term memory—their ability to put the pieces of their daily lives together. Often, to compensate, they grasp at memories from their past, living in the time they can remember clearly. But what if life were the reverse? What if we had only the here and now? The movie "The Giver" (like the novel it is based on) leads us to ask similar questions: What if our culture were designed for “sameness” among all people in looks, behavior, dress, and emotion? How would a group of communities be structured if there were no aspect of human history, good or bad, as a part of their story?

Life Without Color

In sports, the persons who describe the action to those who are watching TV or listening to the radio is called the “play-by-play announcer” and the “color commentator.” The job of the color commentator is to add insight and detail to the action on the field or court. Color is a word used to exemplify the richness of life. Contrast the black worn to most funerals with the colorful costumes of a typical circus. In "The Giver," the members of the communities live without the ability to see color. The energy, enjoyment, and differentiation that come with color have been removed to keep everyone calm and compliant.

Life Without Story

What if our faith story were taken away from us? Is it possible to believe in God without knowing the Scriptures? Of course! Is it OK to trust in Jesus as your Savior without being able to quote the Beatitudes? Sure! But, how much richer is your faith when you know where Jesus fits in the whole story of God’s relationship with humanity? In "The Giver," the protagonist, Jonas, has his world shattered and then rebuilt when he receives the memories of humanity.

Question of the Day: What is your favorite Bible story?

Focal Scriptures: Deuteronomy 34:1-5; Matthew 5:17-48; Acts 11:1-17

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