On Saturday, August 9th, Michael Brown was confronted by a police officer regarding a convenience store robbery. Within minutes Michael had been shot dead by the officer. A confusing swirl of details emerged over the next few hours and days. It was determined that Michael was unarmed and that he allegedly reached for the officer’s gun. Michael was shot 6 times—4 times in the arm and twice in the head.

The grief of a life lost was nearly obscured by the events of the following days and weeks. Dozens of people were arrested in the streets of Ferguson. The police hit the streets prepared to take on an army, drawing concern and criticism from across the country.

Order was gradually restored, with much credit being given to the state patrol officers who walked with the protesters instead of digging in against them. Tensions remain high and, even as this article is published, all is not resolved.

A Christian Response

As Christians, how are we called to respond in these situations? What should our attitudes be? Should we respond at all? It’s a clichéd question at this point, but what would Jesus do in this scenario?

It’s important that we not simply set aside the reality of someone’s death in order to analytically assess this event from a sociological standpoint. It is equally important, however, that we recognize how response—both of the citizens of Ferguson and their police—escalated things into a critically dangerous situation. We may never fully know the details of the confrontation between Michael and the officer, but it’s hard not to assume that better responses within their interaction might easily have spared a life.

Today we’re going to spend some time probing the concept of responding well. Not taking sides, just exploring how our response to situations such as this can demonstrate our faith in Christ to the culture we’re helping to shape.

Question of the Day: When have you been so angry you couldn't think straight?

Focal Scriptures: Mark 11:15-18; Luke 6:27-31; John 8:3-11.

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