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The first Sunday in November marks the end of daylight-saving time and the return to standard time. “Spring forward” reverts to “fall back.” Reminders to set clocks back or ahead one hour appear on TV, the Internet, and billboards. Why all the hoopla over one hour lost or gained? Does one hour make a difference in people’s lives? Many believe it does.

Manipulating time

The concept of changing time is believed to have originated with Benjamin Franklin, but there is no real evidence to support that claim. Below are some interesting statistics from the U.S. Navy about time change:

• Standard time was instituted for railroads but was not established by law until 1918. Daylight-saving time was established by the same act but was repealed a year later; it was reestablished during WWII.
• The Uniform Time Act of 1966 provided standardization of the date for the beginning and ending of DST. The beginning was the last Sunday in April, and the ending was the last Sunday in October. Since then the times for the beginning of DST have changed at least four times.
• In 2007 the start date was set as the second Sunday in March, and the end date was set as the first Sunday in November. It has remained the same since that time.

There are many thoughts on why DST is necessary. Some unproven thoughts are that it is an advantage to farmers. Other ambiguous statistics report that the crime rate is less during DST as opposed to standard time. However, there is actually no proof that DST makes any positive difference.

Master of Time

If the establishment of DST or standard time was an attempt at perfect timing, it failed. After all there are only twenty-four hours in a day. One may be able to use time to manipulate daylight hours, but time itself cannot be manipulated. We should consider time seriously and use it wisely. Humanity must remember that in a race with time, time will always win. There is only one Master of time, and the Master’s timing is always perfect.

Question of the day: Why can you trust in God's timing?

Focal Scriptures: Galatians 4:4-6; God's Future Timing; Esther 4:10-14

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