The brightest future of all

Disney’s latest animated hit, “Big Hero 6,” tells the story of fourteen-year-old robotics genius Hiro Hamada. Hiro builds “bots” used for illegal fights in the back alleys of San Fransokyo, a gleaming metropolis of the near future. Hiro’s older brother Tadashi, however, takes him to the city’s Institute of Technology — “nerd school” — and inspires him to use his skills for more constructive ends. Hiro invents microscopic, thought-controlled machines with nearly limitless applications. When a bad guy steals these “microbots” for nefarious ends, it’s up to Hiro, five fellow teens in high-power, high-tech super suits, and Baymax — the film’s breakout character: a huge, huggable healthcare robot — to save the day.

Making the world better

“Big Hero 6” celebrates the idea that young people can make the world better through their creativity, problem-solving and imagination. It highlights science as a powerful force for positive change. As Denver Post film critic Lisa Kennedy writes, the film asserts that “it’s good to be taken with technology, crushed out on code, wowed by chemistry.” “Big Hero 6” also affirms can-do attitudes anyone can adopt. “Use that big brain of yours to think your way out,” Tadashi tells Hiro. “There are no dead ends.” Hiro learns to look for “workarounds” when confronted with obstacles. He uses tenacity and teamwork to help shape his own and his community’s future.

Answering Jesus’ call

Christians often are wary of overly optimistic confidence in human ability and achievement. We know the power of sin and put our ultimate hope in God alone. But we also believe God gives skills and talents to use for our individual as well as others’ good. When we contribute our energy and effort toward making everyone’s present and future better, it’s one way to answer Jesus’ call to love our neighbors.

Today’s youth can help shape a brighter tomorrow for the world. The church can encourage them to do so as a vital expression of faith in the One whose Resurrection promises the brightest future of all.

Question of the day: How will you help shape the future?
Focal Scriptures: Genesis 11:1-9; Exodus 31:1-11; Revelation 21:1-5

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