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April 23rd, 2015
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Do you want to be a part of something amazing? A truly world-changing moment in history? What if you could help raise $75 MILLION to end needless death and suffering from malaria – a treatable and preventable disease?

You can, and you are.

How will YOU #BringChange this World Malaria Day? 

On April 25th, people across the globe take part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day.  For the 3.2 billion people at risk of contracting malaria, every day is malaria day.  

Online Engagement

World Malaria Day is an opportunity to engage our communities in support of Imagine No Malaria, an extraordinary effort by the people of The United Methodist Church to end death and suffering from malaria in Africa.

Hold a Community Event

Across the United States, congregations are preparing to host World Malaria Day fundraisers. Through creative events such as pancake breakfasts, “lemonAID” stands, 5K walks and much more, you will make difference. More than 30,000 red donation boxes are in churches and homes around the U.S. today, and soon there will be even more!

Let the world know about your commitment to Bring Change through an event in your community!

Engage Your Congregation

Join us to #BringChange and beat malaria for good!

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