Joel Osteen heckled during church service, 6 arrested

Six people were arrested at Lakewood Church Sunday (June 28) after heckling Pastor Joel Osteen while he was preaching, according to Houston Police.

The individuals are from Wells, Texas, and are associated with The Church of Wells.

Casey Eaglin was at Sunday's 11 a.m. service and just a few seats away from one of the protesters.

"He jumped up with his Bible and started screaming 'Shame on you Joel, shame on you Joel' and Joel kind of just repeated Scripture and they just escorted them out," said Eaglin.

He added, "I was terrified for a quick second there. After the first guy, I thought oh it's just a random heckler, but then you start seeing the second, the third."

Lakewood Church told KHOU-TV that a number of their volunteer ushers are also law enforcement officials. Those officials are apparently armed during the services so that they can react to anything like what happened Sunday.

Eaglin said he's thankful for the quick response of the Lakewood Church security.

"For a second there I started thinking about the church shooting that happened and I was thinking 'Oh God something bad is about to happen' but they were real quick," he said.

The individuals who caused the disturbance were escorted out of the church and were arrested. They are being charged with criminal trespassing, police said.

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