Communing with the world

September 29th, 2015

World Communion Sunday (October 4) is celebrated once each year by a vast number of Protestant denominational churches throughout the world. The idea was born in the 1930s with a Presbyterian church, and by 1940 it had expanded to the organization that would become today’s National Council of Churches. A driving goal of World Communion Sunday is to remind us that across international boundaries, across denominational boundaries, and across theological boundaries, we all are followers of the “Way” of Jesus Christ. As we focus on that one commonality that is critical to who we are in Christ, we are reminded of the sacred worth of all God’s people.

Connecting with others

So often in today’s world, we are taught and encouraged to notice the differences in others from ourselves. Whether it’s differences in race, economic standing, sexuality or even just whether or not you fit in with the cool kids, the pressure exists to discover why and how someone is different, and —typically — lesser than you.

It is important to remember that each of us is unique and special in the world. Our role in life cannot be filled by another! However, having awareness of what makes us valuable to our friends and family without giving that same honor and respect to those we meet is hypocritical. Holy Communion is a time to gather humbly before the Lord as one body in Christ.

Sharing the connection

Taking the time to slow down and step back from life’s urgency is a good first step. The intentionality of time is one reason many churches use the same liturgy (prayers, responses, and Scripture passages) when blessing the Communion elements. There is a peace in ritual, whether traditional or modern. When we take the time to become more aware of the importance of Holy Communion and the community it offers us in the church, the more prepared we are to share that oneness with others through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Question of the day: Who among your closest friends is the most different from you?
Focal Scriptures: Genesis 11:1-9; Psalm 92:1-4; Matthew 26:26-30

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