The masks of hypocrisy

October 20th, 2015

Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday in America (following Christmas). While children are focused on trick-or-treating and candy, teenagers are more often invited to Halloween parties where they dress in costume and spend time with their friends. Each year they strive for a unique look in order to avoid posting similar photos on social media. Whether they buy costumes at a store or create their own outfits at home, young people enjoy dressing up.

A masquerade of morals

When you’re wearing a costume, it is clear that you are attempting to be someone or something that you are not. When Halloween is over, however, it is not as easy to determine if a person is being authentic or hiding behind a façade. The masks may be put away in the closet, but we still find ways to disguise ourselves at times. Being a Christian can be difficult, especially for teenagers. Acting out of moral conscience is often viewed as being weak or being a “goody two-shoes,” so young people frequently behave differently around their peers at school than around their families or peers at church. They do what is socially acceptable, even when they know that it’s wrong.

Walk the talk

Hypocrisy is a conflict between what you believe and how you act. Many young people are leaving the church today because they think it is filled with hypocrites. Teenagers and young adults are longing to be a part of something that is real. They want to be with people who acknowledge their imperfections yet strive to “walk the talk” throughout their journey of faith. As youth leaders, we need to make sure that we are open and honest with our teens so that they see authentic Christians who recognize the times they fall short of God’s expectations and turn to God for help in living out an authentic faith.

Question of the day: How would your peers describe you?
Focal Scriptures: Genesis 39; 2 Chronicles 18:1-27; Matthew 12:1-14

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