Prayer matters

November 3rd, 2015

The movie War Room opened on August 28, 2015, in a few select theaters in America. The reviews from critics were somewhat brutal, but moviegoers loved it; and soon it was showing at almost every theater. The theme of the movie is the power of prayer.

To the outside world, a young couple and their daughter appear to be living the American dream. But trouble is brewing in the couple’s marriage and in the husband’s prestigious job. Becoming more and more heartbroken and bitter, the wife (a real-estate broker) meets with Miss Clara to talk about selling her house. Miss Clara is a prayer warrior and shows the wife her “war room,” a closet where she prays. As the story line progresses, she teaches the young wife and mother prayer strategies, which the wife begins to practice in her own closet. As a result, the couple’s marriage, relationship with their daughter and the husband’s morality are strengthened through the power of prayer.

Spontaneous moments of praise and thanksgiving broke out audibly in theaters where the movie was shown. Due to the movie’s popularity and box-office success, books, CDs, posters and so on are being widely marketed. It appears that War Room has rejuvenated an interest in prayer — but it’s really only a movie, right? — but one that prompts the question: Does prayer truly matter?

Yes, it does!

When we recognize prayer as a special part of our relationship with God and not just a means of getting our wish list fulfilled, prayer does indeed matter. Prayer matters to God because we matter to God. God cherishes relationship with us, and prayer is the way we communicate in our relationship with God. Prayer is not just a one-way communication. Through prayer God reveals God’s nature and attributes to us. Prayer matters to us because through our prayers we come to know the heart, will and purposes of God. Prayer also allows us to make requests of God for ourselves and on behalf of others. Through prayer we show our love and adoration for God and experience God’s unconditional love for us.

Question of the day: Does God pay attention to our prayers?
Focal Scriptures: Matthew 6:7-8; Matthew 7:11; 1 John 5:14-15

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