Reduce, reuse, recycle

November 10th, 2015

Keep America Beautiful (KAB) is a national nonprofit that inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. Each year on November 15th, KAB sponsors America Recycles Day. This national initiative encourages people to recycle more at work and at home. Recycling materials conserves natural resources and reduces the need for landfills and incinerators. Recycling also saves energy by eliminating the need to process new materials and prevents pollution by keeping greenhouse gases from being emitted when making new products. KAB’s vision is for occasional recyclers to become everyday recyclers in order to reduce waste and preserve the earth.

Think green

Recycling is one of the many ways we can show care for the environment. Also, people can install fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent ones in order to consume less electricity and save money. Grocery and department stores now encourage the use of reusable shopping bags in order to lessen the use and waste of plastic bags. Parking cars in the shade reduces fuel evaporation, and carpooling decreases the amount of fuel consumption. There are numerous steps we can take on a daily basis to protect the world.

This is my Father’s world

In Genesis 2 God puts Adam in charge of the garden of Eden, giving him the responsibility to maintain it. God has ultimate authority over the earth, yet God has delegated some of that responsibility to humans. We are tasked with tending to the environment and the other creatures that share this planet. God carefully made this earth. We must not be thoughtless, wasteful, or careless in our efforts to care for it.

Question of the day: What is one practical way you can show care for the earth?
Focal Scriptures: Psalm 8; Exodus 32:1-20; John 6:1-15

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