Resolutions... now what?

January 5th, 2016

This is the first week of a new year and the focus is on starting fresh — making resolutions, commitments to growth and change. But, truly, that’s the easy part. What comes after making a New Year resolution is the hard part, all of the work, waiting and diligence necessary to maintain it. Stop drinking caffeine? Only good one day at a time. Read the Bible every day? Not a habit quite yet. The passage of time, the collection of decisions and moments is what makes up our lives. Yes, we all experience life-defining moments, but those are few and far between.

Waiting with patience

Epiphany is this week — the day we celebrate the coming of the magi to see Jesus. What we have learned through the years tells us that Jesus was approximately two years old when the magi arrived. Think of the wait those eastern travelers endured while trying to follow the star! Mary and Joseph may not even have known to expect regal visitors with expensive gifts for their child. Perhaps, in the day-to-day living, they even forgot that Jesus was the Son of God. To understand why we must be patient and to help us in our struggles while waiting for some things to come to pass in our lives, we will turn to examples from Scripture.

Waiting with grace

No matter what we wait for — whether it’s good or bad — God is with us in the waiting. Sometimes, in fact, our waiting is the reward. It is the time during which God teaches us the lessons of life and we acquire the patience needed to tackle the next challenge. But as is true with most struggles in life, if we attempt to wait without leaning in to the Holy Spirit, we will likely resort to selfishness and frustration instead. The gift of waiting with grace, avoiding stress, anxiety and pressure, benefits those around you, as well as yourself. Perhaps learning to wait with patience can be one more resolution to add to your list!

Question of the day: When have you had to wait a long time for something you were looking forward to?
Focal Scriptures: Matthew 2; Genesis 18:1-15; Deuteronomy 34.

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