A frog must jump: Or how we always end up following our passion

January 19th, 2016

A good friend of mine is a highly successful entrepreneur. He also happens to be a rabbi.

We met in rabbinical school. At the time he planned to lead a congregation, as I do now. By the time we graduated, however, plans had changed.

Even before graduating, he was leading a new Jewish organization. (The closest Christian analogy would be a church plant). Then he was advising other start-ups.

Soon he began an after-school initiative. While rooted in the Jewish value of education, this is not a religious program.

Once a rabbi, always a rabbi

He is, of course, still a rabbi. But he is, truly, an entrepreneur. And he can’t not create and grow a business.

Or, as my grandpa once said, “a frog must jump.”

See, we have certain skills and inclinations. Whether we were born with them or developed them over time, they shape what we love to do and what we do well. Unless they are dangerous or harmful to others, we are foolish to ignore or try to hide them.

What is your passion?

If you are a singer, sing. If you think logically and strategically, be a lawyer or consultant. If you love science, be a doctor or researcher. If you love to teach, teach.

I’m not sure where rabbi fits in. Perhaps it’s a person who loves people, God and community.

And if you are a writer, write. It’s part of what I do. And here’s a little taste of what I’ve written

What is your passion?

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