Why the long face?

March 2nd, 2016

In a recent study conducted by researchers in the U.K. at Sussex University, it was discovered that horses are capable of distinguishing between happy and angry human emotions. When 28 horses were shown photographs of angry faces, their heart rate increased, showing signs of stress-related responses. It’s also interesting to note that the horses had a much stronger reaction to negative emotions than the positive emotions shown. Learning to read the negative expressions may serve as a warning to help horses recognize threats in their environment or recognize angry human emotions in association with rough handling. If horses can read human emotions, then why is it so difficult for humans to acknowledge and understand emotions?

Teenage emotions

Teenagers especially ride a confusing emotional roller coaster. Adults tend to forget to have patience and grace for teenagers with their imbalanced emotions. These emotions run high and low as teens deal with the transition from childhood and conflicts over independence while being thrown into adulthood. Often the misunderstood behaviors of teenagers are due to teens sorting through their world of complex emotions. It’s essential for teens to know that it takes effort to build emotional health, just as it requires effort to maintain physical health.

Jesus’ example

Even though emotions are complicated and messy, it’s important to remember they also are a beautiful gift from God! We are created in God’s image, so we serve an emotional God. Emotions are a driving force in the way humanity functions. It’s essential that we focus on being emotionally healthy followers of Christ. God gave us the perfect example of positive emotional health through Jesus Christ. Jesus experienced a variety of emotions, but he didn’t allow them to control his behaviors. He displayed the key to maintaining emotional health by expressing his emotions. He acknowledged his feelings and processed them with close friends and in prayer with God. Jesus also used his emotions to serve others and establish God’s glory through his humanity.

Question of the day: Which emotion is hardest for you to express to others?
Focal Scriptures: Matthew 26:36-42; John 2:13-25; John 11:32-46; Romans 8:20

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