Not alone

December 12th, 2016

On a seemingly normal trip to the grocery store, something extraordinary happened; a bit kindred you might say. It was four-year-old Norah’s birthday, and she shared her joy with a new friend.

An elderly gentleman walked by Tara Wood, a mom with two kids. Norah, the birthday girl, smiled and waved. She said, “Hi old person! It’s my birthday!” Mr. Dan (the “old person”) “stopped in his tracks, smiled, and said, ‘Well hello, little lady! How old are you today?’” The two chatted for a few minutes and then went their separate ways in the store.

A few minutes later, Norah told her mom she wanted a picture with Mr. Dan, so Tara tracked him down. Mr. Dan was on the last aisle of his grocery trip and suddenly “here is this little girl again,” he said. “And so they posed together, and then they hugged each other like they were long lost friends,” Wood said. The family thanked him for his time. Mr. Dan teared up and replied: “No, thank you. This has been the best day I’ve had in a long time. You’ve made me so happy, Ms. Norah.”

A step further

The story doesn’t end there. Norah’s mom posted the picture and anecdote on social media, and it prompted thousands of reactions. Someone who knew Mr. Dan and his circumstances messaged Wood: It had been six months since he lost his long-time wife, Mary. It was a difficult season for the widower. So Norah’s family decided to call Mr. Dan and go visit. They carried gifts, including a framed copy of their grocery-store picture, some pictures Norah had colored, and some delicious treats.

Much more

Admittedly, Mr. Dan had been experiencing some difficult days: feeling sorry for himself, doubting his beliefs, and months of interrupted sleep. “Sadness and anxiety had made his mind wander at night, but since meeting Norah, he has slept soundly every single night.” Their friendship continues and brings meaningful connections for both families. The love shared goes both directions, offering a true example of the importance of connecting with those around us.

Question of the day: How can we connect with others in meaningful ways?
Focal scriptures: Ruth 1:6-18; Galatians 5:16; John 16:20-22

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