Spring: A time to go and do good things

April 25th, 2017

Springtime is a season of new beginnings, especially as we continue to celebrate new life following Easter. But in a lot of ways, spring is also about endings. With school projects and papers due, graduations looming, final exams to take, and end-of-year concerts and tournaments, you can get weighed down. Sometimes it is hard to find your inspiration, that spark that makes you feel like the next project or task is worth completing, rehearsing or studying. You have what it takes inside of you to be your best, but you might need a few reminders.

A person is a person . . .

The good news for us is that Scripture is full of stories about people who felt uninspired, hesitant or fearful. You know why? Because the Bible is the story of God’s faithfulness to humanity. People like you and me. These people lived in a very different time. Political powers were fighting over the control of land that contained the most resources. Refugees were fleeing war-torn countries. People of different races were treated badly by those in power. Women and those with disabilities often were not offered equal opportunities for success in order to support their families. Oh, wait! Maybe life on earth for humans hasn’t changed that much after all — and neither have we as people who make mistakes and allow our tentative natures to keep us from fulfilling God’s dreams for our lives.

Getting unstuck

Faith is one of the best gifts you possess to get “unstuck” when you are feeling stuck. Allow God to inspire you. Visit a place that is sacred. Enjoy a meal with a trusted mentor or friend who supports your faith. Pray. Read the Bible and be reminded of all the ways people have tried to turn away from God and all the ways God has drawn us back into God’s loving care. Believe that you were created by God to do good things, and then through that belief, go and do good things!

Question of the day: When did you last feel stuck and uninspired while under pressure?
Focal scriptures: Exodus 3:1-14; Esther 4:10-14; Acts 2:42-47

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