Do something this summer

May 22nd, 2017

This is it! The last week of school (at least that’s the case here in Nashville, Tenn.) You and your kids are counting down the days until the final bell rings. After about a week of lounging on the couch, your kids will realize how much time they have on their hands. They can only watch so many of episodes of Lab Rats: Elite Force, and it’s not healthy for them to be on screens an additional 35 hours per week.

Of course, the first thing you will probably hear when you limit the devices is a loud chorus of “I’m bored!” Contrary to kids’ opinions, boredom is not bad. It’s a breeding ground for creativity.

As a family, take time today to write a list of things you can do together or individually during the long summer days. This is your Do Something list. Here’s how it works. For each of the topics below, write what you can do. I’ve provided some examples. Feel free to add your own ideas and share them with me.

Do something adventurous: Take a family hike at a state park
Do something intelligent: Visit your local library and read a novel by your favorite author
Do something kind: Mow your elderly neighbor’s lawn.
Do something silly: Play dress up with your friends and go out for ice cream
Do something new: Go birdwatching.
Do something early: Watch a sunrise.
Do something creative: Paint a mural of your neighborhood.
Do something scientific: Perform an experiment on why helium balloons float.
Do something green: Recycle old batteries lying in the kitchen drawer.
Do something old-fashioned: Write a letter on paper to a friend or relative.

Once you have your ideas on paper, you are ready to get moving. Live life to the fullest! Be active. Do something good for your family, for others, and for your community. This summer, Love In A Big World!

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