The storms of the century

September 12th, 2017

For six days Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc on the coastal region of Texas. This storm dumped trillions of gallons of rain and displaced thousands of residents as their homes were destroyed by the heavy winds and flooding. Precipitation totals in Houston were so extraordinary that the National Weather Service was forced to revise the color charts on their rainfall maps to accurately display heavier amounts. Harvey was the most severe hurricane to strike the United States since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the fiercest one to hit Texas since 1961. Right on its heels came Hurricane Irma, which also set record-breaking statistics.

Being Christ’s hands and feet

People across the United States and around the world are doing all they can to help begin the lengthy process of recovery for areas of Texas and Florida affected by Harvey and Irma. The United Methodist Committee on Relief is one of many Christian organizations that are working with disaster coordinators and early response teams to provide assistance to the numerous individuals affected by these storms. While some agencies are providing in-kind donations of clothing and food, other groups are providing spiritual support by sending chaplains to Texas and Florida to talk with and bring comfort to those in distress. Due to the catastrophic impact of these hurricanes, humanitarian efforts like these will be needed for months to come.

Our shelter in the storm

While violent forces of nature certainly disrupt the lives of those caught in their path, we face emotional storms that cause turmoil as well. Accidents, chronic illness and interpersonal drama cause storms to brew in the lives of young people. Because adolescent brains experience emotions so intensely, minor matters quickly become major concerns and can easily overwhelm even the most mature teenager. God yearns to be our shelter in the storms of life, a refuge of comfort and peace for the suffering. As youth leaders, we can provide relief by listening to teenage needs and problems and reminding those we serve that God is only a prayer away.

Question of the day: When you are upset, to whom do you turn for support?
Focal scriptures: Isaiah 25; Matthew 8:23-27; Acts 27:13-26

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