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October 4th, 2017

Can you imagine being married for 65 years and what it would feel like to lose your closest companion after that long? For Keith Davison it meant overwhelming loneliness and feeling disconnected from his community. Also, at such an age, I imagine it’s difficult to make new friends. Determined to change the situation, Mr. Davison decided to do something fairly radical; he built a large, in-ground pool in his backyard and invited the neighborhood to enjoy it . . . for the entire summer!

Instead of giving up and simply feeling sorry for himself, Davison created a space where his neighbors could relax, make friends and form meaningful relationships through just plain fun. “Now his backyard is filled with the squeals and laughter of kids enjoying their summer with a dip in the pool.” Davison’s one requirement is that “they have to be accompanied by a parent or grandparent in order to take a swim in the 32-foot pool, which has a diving board and a 9-foot deep end.”

Instant joy

According to a news article, Davison, who has “one daughter and two sons but no grandchildren, has become somewhat of a surrogate grandfather to the local kids.” Of course, he still misses his wife. But now his time is often occupied with happy people, who are grateful for his generosity and have a desire to make new friends. “It’s him spreading joy,” neighbor Jessica Huebner told KARE, “throughout our neighborhood for these kids.”

Personal connections keep us healthier

God’s desire is for us to have relationships with one another. Spending too much time alone and feeling isolated is not healthy. Instead of being stuck in our individual circumstances, feeling paralyzed by loss or sorry for ourselves, we can allow God to do something new and exciting through each of us. When we do this, we’ll not only be happier ourselves but also we’ll bring joy to others.

Question of the day: How can we help make significant, personal connections?
Focal scriptures: Romans 12:14-21; Ephesians 4:15-16; 1 Samuel 20:3-9, 24-34, 41b-42

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