10 Ways to Be Creative (#3)

April 14th, 2011

#3 – Do not drop hints about how much money you could make outside the church.

“That video would cost you a ton if I worked in the marketplace”, or “I could be doing freelance motion graphics for $100 an hour”.

Have you ever been guilty of dropping little hints about how valuable you are?  I have heard it before. The truth is:

Most church staff could make more money outside of church work. If that is what God is prompting you to do, go for it and tithe more.  If you are on a church staff and think you should be, then be “all in” and stop looking back at the shipping boats, Peter.  

Making these comments will not get you a raise, will not help you succeed, do not make you more creative, and most of all do not help in any way to accomplish the mission of your church.  And it is just rude.

So, be content. Work hard. Design hard. Do it for God and serve your mission by serving your church by serving your pastor and stop belly-aching.

Come back tomorrow for Part Four.

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