10 Ways to Be Creative (#5)

April 16th, 2011

#5 – Get the perspective of non-creatives

It's important as a creative catalyst to hang with creative people and have them rub off on and inspire you.

One problem with this however is that we begin to only see life through a creative lens and this can begin to blur your image. You will also see it begin to blur your ability to see the other side of your leaders decisions.

To combat this and in the end make sure you stay creative, make sure you have a couple of people in your life that will give you a perspective of your senior leader and his ideas that are from a totally different side of things.

For example, I have a staff member that I drop in on at least once a week and sometimes more that is:

Older (could be my dad)
Much wiser (that’s not hard)
Not a lifer on church staff (actually was quite successful outside of church)
and most importantly – he is not creative.
In other words, he is my opposite in many ways. And that is healthy.

He gives me a different perspective of ideas, of decisions and most of all feedback on my projects that are not blurred by trying to be creative. This is often encouraging as I see that the little details I stress over (the PMS color is off by a smidge on a printed piece and does not match exactly the video elements) are not important to the average person.  He also helps me identify the blind spots that I would not see within the context of creativity, and this in the end makes me MORE creative.

Creative staff can get so wrapped up in their own world of art and design and music that they lose sight of the big picture. Your ministry will be stronger if you have others who help you see it and work toward the ultimate goal of turning people on to God.

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