10 Ways to Be Creative (#8)

April 20th, 2011

#8 – Let the performers perform.

The final three posts in this series elaborate on the three main roles in creative teams.

1.   A performer. This is the person who gets to carry out the product.  They are the speaking pastor, the worship leader, the video talent.  The people who are seen and can perform.  There is often a temptation to think that this role needs to be equally shared by team members, but some people are gifted in this area and some are not. Let the performers perform.

One of the biggest mistakes made by creatives is not involving the performer (again I know some of you will hate that term but it just is an easy way to describe) in the creative process.

I have been guilty of planning, story-boarding, shooting, and editing a pretty in-depth video that was a “great idea” and not involving my Senior Pastor, Greg, until it was done.  A couple of things happened:

1.  Because it was too long and did not enhance Greg's sermon, it did not get used.
2.  It wasted about 30 hours of staff time.
3.  It dipped into my emotional bank account with my team and Greg.

That was five years ago.  I like to think I have learned a few things:

1.  The performer wants/needs all the help they can get – they just want to be a part.
2.  No one likes a surprise, especially a person about to speak to a crowd of people.  A little planning goes a long way.
3.  When at all possible, a video element that includes the speaking pastor is best.

So the next time you are tempted to try and plan a special song without involving your worship leader (yes, I have been dumb enough to do that too) or shoot a video for the message without the input of your speaker, just remember that I have already paid the dumb tax for you. Don’t pay it again.

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