Quantum leaps of faith for the new year

January 3rd, 2018

A new year brings fresh opportunities for spiritual growth. I want to start this year by offering you five quantum leaps of faith for 2018. Each one of these inspiring leaps will challenge your notion of what’s doable. If you take them, they’ll shift your perspective and redefine what’s possible. So, if you’re ready to move up from being a disciple to an apostle, this series is for you. If you’re ready to catapult from followership to Jesus-style leadership, then read on.

In this blog, I introduce the five quantum leaps of faith that Jesus invites each one of us to take. They’re grounded in the Bible and exemplified by Jesus himself. Over the next five weeks, we’ll take a closer look at them in turn. We’ll see how they can reshape your ministry and the fruit you bear. For now, let’s take a look at them, and then pray.

Leap 1: Be fruitful and multiply like Jesus. There’s more to following Jesus than emulating the spiritual principles he taught. We are also called to multiply ourselves as leaders by passing on our Kingdom vision and values to the people we lead.

Leap 2: Be empowered like Jesus. We are not to be hearers of good news only, but doers as well. Jesus authorized his followers again and again to do the very things he did. Discover how to receive his authorization and put it into effect.

Leap 3: Be accountable like Jesus. Jesus was accountable to the one he called Father for fulfilling his call. He was rewarded mightily. We too are called to live fully into the gifts we have received and to bear much fruit! Practice owning your own giftedness and being accountable for living into your potential.

Leap 4: Believe like Jesus. How did Jesus’ followers do all that he did? The answer may surprise you. They had to have the faith he did. Explore what Jesus believed and how we can stretch our faith to believe those things as well.

Leap 5: Love like Jesus. Jesus’ love transformed the world. Where did it come from and how did he do it? Discover the source of Jesus’ love and how to share it with others.

Dear God, I believe I’m ready to move up in your teaching. I sense myself getting prepared to make some big leaps. Open my eyes and my heart. Most especially, dear God, pry open my mind and loosen my limited perceptions. Ready me for the blessings of quantum spirituality in 2018. Amen!

As you know, God hears and answers our prayers. I would love to hear how your prayers are getting answered. Email me at rebekah@rebekahsimonpeter.com with news of your answered prayers, or even your questions.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a year of quantum leaps for us all.

Rebekah Simon-Peter blogs at rebekahsimonpeter.com. She is the author of The Jew Named Jesus and Green Church.

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