Wonder-fully made

January 18th, 2018

In late 2017, a movie based on the book Wonder by R. J. Palacio was released to theaters all over the country. The story introduces us to a ten-year-old boy, a fifth-grader named Auggie, who is entering public school for the first time. The movie allows us to see life through his eyes, as well as the eyes of some of his family and friends. The story is particularly unique because Auggie has significant facial deformities that made his life difficult from the start. He looks different, sounds different, and of course, he is treated differently.

Choose wisely

The movie invites us into a challenging world of character building through daily choices related to relationships. Some decisions seem simple when the right choice is fairly evident. Other decisions offer no good solution when humiliation, acceptance, reputation and personal sacrifice are weighed against one another. Even though most of these dilemmas occur in the setting of elementary-aged friendships, they are nonetheless relatable and heart-wrenching for all ages.


Through it all our main character Auggie demonstrates the courage to stand firm, endure loneliness, offer true forgiveness, and most of all give others the opportunity to shine. Some characters in the story rise to the occasion, maturing to a new understanding of the importance of acceptance. Some friendships are made; others are lost, and the reasons are not always immediately evident. But overall, Wonder demonstrates that, if we give someone a chance, we may discover something amazing and unexpected.

Seeing possibility

Building relationships cannot be based entirely on what we see or perceive. We must govern our snap judgments, creating space for possibility in the other. While it may seem trite, simply being kind will help us begin to achieve this goal. In being kind to others, we acknowledge a deep truth that God has created each person with sacred worth.

Question of the day: How do your insecurities affect your relationships?
Focal scriptures: 2 Samuel 9:1-8; John 2:13-17; Luke 9:22-25

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