Eight Essential Practices for Eliminating Fear of the Vile Practices

January 1st, 2018
This article is featured in the The Vile Practices of Ministry (Feb/Mar/Apr 2018) issue of Circuit Rider
  1. Prayer: Whether you believe in divine intervention or not, clergy and churches who pray for it usually exhibit greater generosity and good administration.
  2. Personal Accountability and Generosity: Pastors must maintain good practices in their personal life. They will lack all credibility to ask it of others if they do not.
  3. Clarify the Mission. Every good leaders knows this, but without clarity of mission, finance and administration cannot be built to support it.
  4. Converse Across Ministries: Find the connections and clarify the mission through conversation. Financial leaders ought to be exploring what good local church ministries are doing and sharing how the finances are really working.
  5. Build Trust: Conversation builds it but also requires it. Look for ways to build trust between pastors, leaders and the whole congregation.
  6. Discern Great Leaders: Identify people who will (a) be honest even when it’s painful, even as they also (b) provide unwavering support and compassion to the ministry and mission.
  7. Delegate to those Leaders: No pastor can put good administrative practices in place without lots of help. Simple segregation of duties requires several leaders.
  8. Endeavor to Be Lifelong Learners: Pastors and church leaders must develop a thirst for learning in an array of fields including finance, administration and the law. Learning promotes courage, and courage promotes good health.
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