The nature of commitment

February 20th, 2018

It has been said that commitment in a romantic relationship isn’t about promising once to love someone every day, but instead it is choosing every day to love someone every day. In the new movie entitled Every Day, that commitment is put to the test when a young woman is wooed by a person who inhabits a different body on a daily basis. The character “A” wakes up each morning in a new body, but is always someone about the same age and living nearby. “A” must live the life of that person for 24 hours — attending classes, living as part of a new family and so on. After falling for the main character in the movie, A must convince her that regardless of the different person she sees on the outside from day to day, it is still A on the inside.

Loving can be hard

The challenges faced by the young couple are varied, including the changing race, gender or social status of A. At one point, A’s family is scheduled to fly to Hawaii, moving A to a new region from which A will likely not return. Also, what does it do to A’s girlfriend when she is seen as romantically involved with a different person every day? How do they navigate loving one another when the world doesn’t view their relationship in the same way they do?

Faith amidst fiction

We can find many points of entry in this story that was originally a young adult novel: Are we learning to love ourselves beyond our appearance? Are we learning to trust love as a gift from God that is to be given freely and fairly to everyone? Are we learning to be brave in our call to love? And, how do we find the courage to love in the face of opposition? Turning to Scripture, we find guidance. No matter the genre of fiction or movie, stories that tap into the human capacity for love are faith stories. God is our ultimate source and example of love.

Question of the day: How do you know that you love someone?
Focal scriptures: Matthew 5:1-10; 1 John 4:7-8; Joshua 1:7-9

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