Finals frenzy

May 30th, 2018

As the school year comes to a close for students across the nation, there is one last challenge to endure: final exams. Final exams are often lengthy and can make up a sizable portion of the course grade, so students must take them seriously. Even though many teens would prefer to be outside enjoying the spring weather, they instead spend hours reviewing notes and reading textbooks in preparation for these end-of-the-year tests.

Tests are inevitable

Even when the school year is finished, it doesn’t mean there won’t be tests. Individuals face tests long after their school days are over. Unlike finals, these tests often occur at unexpected times, and they do not come with a study guide. Some tests affect our physical health and well-being, like an injury or illness, while others affect our financial security, such as losing a job. We face hurdles in our relationships with spouses, relatives or friends, and occasionally we struggle with our faith. No matter who we are or how old we are, we will continue to face tests.

Tests can sometimes make us feel as if we have been abandoned by God. Why would God allow us to face such trying times? However, God never leaves us. Just like tests in school are a way for students to show their knowledge of the subjects, tests in life provide us an opportunity to show our faith in Christ and our reliance on God’s wisdom and ways.

Our tests are “open book”

When life throws tests our way, we can face them with confidence, knowing that all our tests are “open book.” The Bible is full of insight and stories about our ancestors in the faith who endured difficult circumstances. Following their examples from God’s Word, we can pray for strength during times of trial and trust that the Holy Spirit will serve as our guide.

Question of the day: How do you prepare for tests at school?
Focal Scriptures: Genesis 22:1-19; Job 1:13-22; 1 Corinthians 13:1-10; Matthew 4:1-11

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