Treasure hunt

October 24th, 2018

Let’s go treasure hunting! How about searching for a millionaire’s treasure chest? Forrest Fenn has provided the treasure — all we have to do is figure out the clues.

According to a news report published this past April, Fenn estimates that around 350,000 people have searched for the prize that he hid in the Rocky Mountains back in 2010. A former Vietnam fighter pilot who spent his career as an art dealer, Fenn enjoyed teasing all those thousands of people who succumb to the draw or sheer curiosity of what’s hidden in the mountains.

What it’s worth

Fortunately, Fenn did leave clues that can be found in his memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, which contains a cryptic, 24-line poem supposedly describing the location of the treasure. The report mentioned earlier stated, “There are a number of online forums where enthusiasts trade theories about where the treasure might be, including an entire subreddit called r/FindingFennsGold that’s devoted to the cause.” Sadly, at least four people are believed to have died in search of Fenn’s treasure. What some might treat as a fun family adventure, others have allowed to take over their lives.

Keeping the treasure hunt in mind, how many of us, do you think, have spent way too much time searching for the wrong riches in life? Humans distract easily; that is just our nature. In this earthly life, we seek any number of treasures that promise rewards of some kind or another. Yet the pursuit of God and God’s truth, the greatest treasure, is the only quest that truly matters.

True wealth

Our genuine devotion is displayed in a few primary ways — what we worry about most, how we spend our time, and where we invest our money. Training our heart to be devoted to God first is not easy. Faithfulness develops and grows through consistent worship, practicing spiritual disciplines, the giving of our time and money and even in our conversations with others.

Question of the day: What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever found outdoors?
Focal scriptures: Luke 15:11-19; Jeremiah 29:10-13; Deuteronomy 4:15-23; Matthew 6:19-21

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