Youth 2019

January 23rd, 2019

This coming July a special event called Youth 2019 is taking place in Kansas City, Missouri. Youth 2019 is the next occurrence of the National United Methodist Youth Conference, which happens every four years in The United Methodist Church. This is the ultimate way for junior and senior high students to connect with other Christian youth from across the country and sometimes from across the world!

What is it?

Youth 2019 is four days of intense learning and worship experiences and building deeper relationships with friends, old and new. From powerful speakers and inspiring bands to creative workshops and impactful worship, Youth 2019 has something for everyone. Kansas City has tons to do as well, including the Royals or Sporting KC for baseball and soccer fans, respectively, Science City and Union Station for hands-on experiences, the Power and Light District for awesome food choices near the convention hall, and Negro Leagues and Jazz Museums for those looking for some nostalgia and culture. The event is designed for all personalities and ages to have fun while also encountering God in a new and exciting way.

Are you a leader?

Christian community and conferencing is nothing new. During his ministry, Jesus surrounded himself with devoted disciples, but also with a wide array of friends in various towns and villages. As the church grew, leaders in the faith gathered to create commonality through the selection of Scripture and the writing of our earliest creeds. Even today, when we sometimes disagree, we gather together in Christian community to discuss the hardest issues of our world. What better way to celebrate the unique phase of life that is adolescence than for teens to gather with other teens who also are searching for ways to best make God the center of their lives?

Question of the day: Who is someone you feel connected to but have never met?
Focal scriptures: Hebrews 10:19-25; 1 Chronicles 4:1-23; Psalm 22:25-27

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