The good news gospel

April 17th, 2019

The rise of technology has contributed to the instant spread of news and, for better or worse, we can even do our own reporting. Yet, even with our own reporting, it can be tricky to discern what’s real or fake news. Imagine what it would be like if the Resurrection happened in today’s world. If people recorded the events surrounding the Resurrection, would others believe that a man claiming to be God actually had conquered death? Sometimes good news is more difficult to believe than bad news. Perhaps this is true because we live in world that is full of so much bad news.

Say what?!

Jesus’ disciples had a difficult time believing Jesus had risen from the dead and was alive, because his death didn’t fit their expectations. His death felt not only like the death of a close friend and teacher but also the death of a plan for freedom. They never understood that, from the beginning, Jesus’ death and resurrection were part of God’s rescue plan. Jesus conquering death is the good news of the gospel because it proves Jesus truly is Lord! No one anticipated that God had a greater plan for saving all of humanity. But the good news didn’t end with salvation. It continues today through us as we live out Jesus’ teachings and share God’s love with others.

The joy of Easter

The Easter season reminds us that the good news of the gospel is not simply a celebration of our personal salvation. The gospel includes God’s redemption plan for all of creation. During this time we celebrate the victory we have with Jesus, who not only conquered death but also invites us to be part of the restoration process of the world. This Easter let’s not only celebrate that Jesus is alive, but also let’s acknowledge Jesus as our Lord and King who is returning to make all things new. The best news is yet to come!

Question of the day: What good news have you recently received that you want to share?
Focal scriptures: Isaiah 52:1-8; Matthew 28; Revelation 21:1-8 

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