Relationships change because people change

June 19th, 2019

The long-awaited Toy Story 4 movie will open this weekend in theaters nationwide to crowds of all ages. The beloved cast of toys led by Woody and Buzz is back with new adventures and a different kind of toy named Forky. While the main storyline involves finding and getting Forky back to Bonnie, his human child, this film also reintroduces Bo Peep, a toy believed to be lost in Toy Story 2.


While Woody’s relationship with Bo Peep may have been leading somewhere in the earlier films, she was absent from the toy world in Toy Story 3 with no one expecting to see her again. However, Toy Story 4 reunites Bo Peep and Woody during the mission to find Forky. But Bo Peep has changed, and she challenges Woody to reconsider his own place in the world. Actually, they both have changed a lot since the original Toy Story and have different perspectives to reconcile. Clearly, their relationship has changed also.

Things have changed

Our family relationships, our friendships, our romantic relationships and our work relationships all offer us different challenges, perspective and comfort. While we do not want to allow others to define us, we do allow those most important to us to influence our important decision-making. Relationships fluctuate and change the most during the adolescent years. However, change in relationships of all kinds is inevitable, and those changes can be difficult to deal with and accept. People come and go from our lives for a variety of reasons. Some people remain in our lives forever, while others share time with us only briefly.

Relationships change because people change. Some relationships can survive major changes, while others cannot. If we welcome God as part of our relationships through prayer — for all our relationships and by praying with the people close to us — God can help us overcome or handle any changes that we encounter and experience.

Question of the day: When a relationship changes, how do you react?
Focal scriptures: Proverbs 18:24; Daniel 1:11-21; 2:46-49; 3.

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