Not normal

August 7th, 2019

Election season is fast approaching, and media continually saturates the public with news of the ugly accusations and bitter quarrels among candidates. Social media is even worse, with individuals taking sides and bitterness escalating to name-calling, belittling, disrespect, hatred and threats. Some believe that quarrels are naturally occurring events in life that cannot be prevented and are relatively harmless. After all, people do disagree with one another. However, disagreements must be handled in a mature way that preserves the dignity of each person involved. Otherwise, quarrels can do tremendous damage to those engaged in the quarrel as well as those who are witnesses in person or through media.

The idea that brutal arguments, name-calling, and threats are simply a part of life and are therefore normal is having a huge adverse effect on society, especially on our youth. When disagreements over video games lead to murder, it may be wise to advocate against the normalcy of quarreling.

Called to set an example

Leaders and would-be leaders have a responsibility to the public to model behavior that inspires unity, decency and understanding. Instead of drawing people into responsibly considering community, state, and national issues that matter, today’s political races provoke people to knee-jerk reactions, suspicion, false information, defamation of character and other negativity.

As Christians we have a responsibility to not engage rhetoric and focus on the issues at hand. We are called to seek better ways of living and caring for the sick, poor and marginalized just as Jesus did. Are Christian adults demonstrating this kind of living for our youth?

Bring the light

Christians also have a responsibility to bring the light of Christ’s transforming love to every situation we encounter or experience, including political matters. The love of Christ brings unity, love and peace. As ambassadors of Christ we must do our part to disengage from the influence of damaging negativity and help others to do the same.

Question of the Day: When have you engaged in a nasty disagreement?
Focal Scriptures: Luke 22:24-27; Galatians 5:13-15; Philippians 2:1-4

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